Sunday, February 26, 2012

Black & White Cannibal Fuckface Vinyl Figure by Monster Worship

Black & White Cannibal Fuckface and Unpainted White Cannibal Fuckface Vinyl Figures by Monster Worship

There’s one night left to pre-order the newest colorway of Johnny Ryan’s Cannibal Fuckface by Monster Worship. The Black and White Cannibal Fuckface will be made to order and include 1 painted black and white Slorge. Please note, the figure’s eyes will be left blank, and may appear grey due to limitations of the paint masking technique used. Each figure stands approximately 8" tall, features four points of articulation and can be pre-ordered from the Monster Worship online store for $85 each.

You can also order an Unpainted White Cannibal Fuckface for $75, both figures as a set for $145 and a very cool Cannibal Fuckface t-shirt for $20. They’re all made to order releases, so order as many as you like! But just make sure you do it before 7:00am EST tomorrow, Monday, February 27th.
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