Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Sweet Teuth Resin Figures by Lysol

New Sweet Teuth Resin Figures by Lysol - Old Fashioned, Rainbow Twist, Licorice Starlight, Starlight, OG & Citrus

After the popularity of the OG Sweet Teuth at Tenacious ToysCandy Coated Custom Show, Lysol (of Dead Hand Toys) has created five more hand cast 7” Sweet Teuth resin figures…that’s six in all! Each one of a kind clear resin figure was embedded with candy for a seriously sweet and unique look. Sweet Teuth Series 1 includes the OG Sweet Teuth, the Rainbow Twist Sweet Teuth, the Citrus Sweet Teuth, the Old Fashioned Sweet Teuth, the Licorice Starlight Sweet Teuth, and The Blot’s personal favorite, the Starlight Sweet Teuth. 

All six figures are currently on sale at the Tenacious Toys online store for $100 each. A couple of these 7” figures have already been sold, so act fast!
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