Thursday, June 7, 2012

SDCC 2012 Exclusive Giant-Man HeroClix Super Booster

San Diego Comic-Con 2012 Exclusive Giant-Man HeroClix Super Booster by NECA

NECA has a number of really cool exclusives lined up for San Diego Comic-Con 2012, with none cooler than this Marvel HeroClix Giant-Man Super Booster! What’s really cool about this huge HeroClix is that it also includes a proportionate Ant-Man HeroClix figure that’s invisible! No really, he’s really not even there. Set to the scale of Giant-Man, you can’t see Henry Pym when he shrinks all the way down to Ant-Man size. Pick one up at NECA’s SDCC booth this July for $39.99 each.

Henry Pym aka Giant-Man first appeared in Marvel’s Tales to Astonish #56 in 1964, having already made his debut as Ant-Man in issue #35 two years earlier. Rumors have been kicking around for a while now about a movie in the works, so NECA thought it only appropriate to debut this Giant-Man Chaos War HeroClix! Like all of the figures in the Chaos War collection, Giant-Man is gorgeously detailed and accurate to his appearance in marvel’s popular comic book Avengers Academy.
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