Friday, July 20, 2012

ONI Custom GID 10” Mad’ls by MAD

ONI Custom Glow in the Dark 10 Inch Mad’l Vinyl Figures by MAD - Demon & Dragon

After finding a couple of blank glow in the dark green 10" Mad’ls laying around the office, MAD took a break from the computer to throw some serious ink on them. He’s been working on some different Oni style monsters lately, and thought they'd work well on the GID base. MAD created two distinct one of a kind ONI monsters for this release, a bad ass Dragon and Demon. Each figure was hand drawn/painted by MAD and then coated with a matte finish over the artwork to protect it.

Both ONI Custom GID 10 inch Mad’ls are currently on sale at MAD’s online store for $150 each. Pick one up tonight while they’re still available!
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