Friday, July 20, 2012

Smoke Edition & Grape Edition Resin Mini Mad'ls by MAD

Smoke Edition Resin Mini Mad'l by MAD

While I was out of town earlier this month MAD dropped not one but two new colorways of his extremely popular 3” resin Mini Mad’ls. I'm sad to admit between that two week trip and San Diego Comic-Con 2012 coverage, I'm still playing catch up. The seventh colorway was this beautiful grey tint Smoke Edition Mini Mad’l, while the eighth colorway was this rich and regal purple Grape Edition Mini Mad’l.

Grape Edition Resin Mini Mad'l by MAD

Only 20 figures of each colorway were created, with the entire run sold exclusively at MAD’s online store for $50 each. Every figure comes packaged in a custom gift box, which includes a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity. Unfortunately for The Blot, each colorway sold out immediately upon release. The only question now is what color is coming up next!?!
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