Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dweezil Dragon Vinyl Figure by Kronk

Kidrobot - Dweezil Dragon Vinyl Figure by Kronk

The Blot’s not sure when it happened, but Kidrobot is definitely in the Kronk business! The South African artist has put out some amazing releases these past few years, but Kronk’s newest creation may be his best yet! Meet Dweezil Dragon, Kronk’s third original sculpt produced by Kidrobot. Not only is this figure huge, but it’s crazy detailed with some wild accessories. My only question is with a $350 price tag how quickly will these bad boys fly off the shelf?

Kidrobot - Dweezil Dragon Regular Edition Vinyl Figure by Kronk

Kronk’s newest masterpiece is a rockin’, top hat sportin’, heart boxer wearin’, hookah smokin’, 15 inch vinyl Dragon named Dweezil. Caught midstride stepping straight out of Kronk’s imagination, Dweezil has both attitude and grace in 3D form. He commands attention, demands respect, and kicks ass.

Kidrobot - Dweezil Dragon Red Edition Vinyl Figure by Kronk

Available in two Editions, a black and blue Regular colorway and a red and gray Red colorway, Dweezil is limited to just 300 pieces of each variant. Pick one up today, Thursday, August 23rd, at Kidrobot stores,, and select retailers worldwide for $350 each.
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