Thursday, September 6, 2012

Jurassic Park Screen Print by Kevin Tong

Mondo - Jurassic Park Screen Print by Kevin Tong

In all honesty, Mondo’s Jurassic Park Screen Print Series is really not doing anything for The Blot. I loved the movie way back when and all of the prints have been nice, but I just don’t care. I guess Jurassic Park hasn’t become nostalgic enough for me yet. But even after all that, Kevin Tong’s Jurassic Park print is freaking awesome! There are a lot of people out there trying to be the next Kevin Tong, but none of them can do what he’s doing with the screen printing process. To this day I can’t figure out how Tong does have the stuff he does, but each print comes out looking cooler than the next. The techniques he uses are some seriously next level sh--.

Jurassic Park by Kevin Tong is a 24”x36” hand numbered screen print. It has a limited edition run size of 275 pieces, and can be purchased at the Mondo online store today, Thursday, September 6th, at a random time for $45 each.
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