Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Super Suck Up! Custom Sucklord Figures

The Super Suck Up! Custom Group Show - Pure Shit! by Suckadelic, GasLord by DrilOne, Zorcho by Ferg & Whimsical Clockwork Villains by Doktor A

One of the coolest parts of attending Designer Con 2012 was getting to see all 16 custom figures in DKE Toys’ “The Super Suck Up!” group art show. For this show each artist created a custom Sucklord figure with a limited edition run size of 50 pieces. Each figure was better than the next, and they all featured a hilarious blister card artwork by The Super Sucklord. Check them all out and just try to pick out a favorite! Every artist definitely brought their A game for this one!!!

The Super Suck Up! Custom Group Show - Sad... Alone... Broken... by Luke Chueh, Stupid Smurfer by October Toys, White Trash Rage by Skinner & Cool Modular Space Guys by Matt DoughtyOnell Design

The Super Suck Up! Custom Group Show - Ice Cream! and... by Buff Monster, Infected by Scott Wilkowski, Incredible Action Autopsy Adventure by Jason Freeny & Sucklord Sleeps with the Fishes by Billions McMillions

The Super Suck Up! Custom Group Show - Too Much Horror by L’amour Supreme, Krono Pussy by Frank Kozik, Sausage Maker by Paulkaiju & The Original Blow Peg by Scott Tolleson

Each figure retailed for $100. The Blot hasn’t heard if any of these figures are still available, but I know some designs definitely sold out at DCon. If I find out about any remaining figures I will definitely post that information here.
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