Monday, April 7, 2014

“Ultxa” Ultraman Custom Dunny Resin Figure by Erick Scarecrow

“Ultxa” Ultraman Custom Dunny 3 Inch Resin Figure by Erick Scarecrow

Has The Blot mentioned how much I love these ESC Toy surprise releases of 3” custom resin Dunnys by Erick Scarecrow!?! Last Friday, Erick dropped this killer Ultraman inspired “Ultxa” Dunny, which you definitely don’t want to sleep on! This hand painted resin figure looks spot on to the classic Japanese television character, don’t you think?

Today is the last day to order an “Ultxa” Dunny, which is a timed release where the figure’s limited edition run size will be set by the number of orders placed by the end of today. Pick one up at the ESC Toy online store for $40 each.
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