Thursday, May 15, 2014

New Transformers Mini Figure Series 1 Mystery Chase Variants by The Loyal Subjects

Transformers Mini Figure Series 1 Mystery Chase Variant 3 Inch Vinyl Figures by The Loyal Subjects – Metallic Megatron, Gold Jazz & Cliffjumper

After unveiling Transformers Mini Figure Series 2, The Loyal Subjects have announced they are still producing Transformers Mini Figure Series 1. But there’s a twist! They’ve retired Series 1’s three mystery chase variants (seen here) and replaced them with three all new mystery chases: a Metallic Megatron, Gold Jazz and Cliffjumper. In The Blot’s humble opinion this has to be one of the biggest abuses of the blind box model ever! The Loyal Subjects doing this is such a slap in the face to all the collectors out there who have purchased blind boxes looking to complete this series.

When you buy blind boxes you do so under the assumption that the checklists and ratios are accurate. Now people have spent hundreds of dollars on cases to complete a series, only to find out - SURPRISE - you haven’t actually collected them all because we’re making new figures and including them with the same common designs. There’s something very, very wrong about this decision. TLS really need to be careful because this is how you scare off collectors forever.

The Metallic Megatron has a ration of 1/24, while the Gold Jazz is much rarer with a ration of 1/48. The rarest of these three new TF Mini Figure Series 1 mystery chase variants is Cliffjumper, who has a ratio of 1/96. You can currently purchase individual blind boxes of Transformers Mini Figure Series 1 from Entertainment Earth for $12.99 here, and a full case (16 blind boxes) for $204.99 here.
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