Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Batman vs. Superman First Look: Ben Affleck as Batman

Batman vs. Superman First Look: Ben Affleck as Batman & The Batmobile

Yesterday, Zack Snyder released a bombshell on Twitter! He gave the world its first look at Ben Affleck as Batman and the Batmobile from his upcoming DC Comics film Batman vs. Superman! Never in The Blot’s wildest dreams did I believe Zack Snyder would go in this direction for Batfleck. I know he’s said Affleck’s Bruce Wayne will be an older, chiseled and hardened version of the character, but no way did I think he’d go full on The Dark Knight Returns (and is that a clown face in the background???).

I know it’s hard to make out the details of Affleck’s Batman costume in this very dark picture, but take my word for it. This is almost an identical replica of Frank Miller’s iconic look for Batman in DKR. My only question is how does Ben Affleck fill out this suit? He’s nowhere near this big or ripped. It almost looks like a suit of armor really. I have no idea where this film is going, but I really hope Affleck doesn’t look comical in such a huge, bulging costume.
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