Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Fantastic Four Teaser Poster & First Teaser Trailer

Fantastic Four Theatrical One Sheet Teaser Poster

The Blot’s refrained from blogging about FOX’s first Fantastic Four trailer because I didn’t want to make a snap judgment. So I’ve watched it a few more times, and man does it look like an awesome sci-fi film from the likes of Christopher Nolan! The only problem is it’s supposed to be Marvel’s Fantastic Four, and nothing about this trailer really screams FF to me. I don’t know why after all the success Warner Bros and Disney have had with their super hero franchises FOX would throw away 55 years of history. Ok, the film probably doesn’t disregard all of the Fantastic Four’s rich history, but nothing about this film screams Reed, Sue, Ben, Johnny or even Doom to me. Here’s hoping this teaser trailer is not indicative of the entire film. Or maybe it is and we get an epic science fiction film based on the Ultimate FF.

Fantastic Four is scheduled to premiere in theaters on August 7, 2015. Excelsior!
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