Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Frankenturd Resin Figure by Mark Bode

Frankenturd Resin Figure by Mark Bode and Michael Waltz

The Blot is seriously in love with these resin prototype kits from Mark Bode and Michael Waltz! Along with Da’ Lizard and “Ball Kicking” Cheech Wizard, Waltz has sculpted and produced this super detailed Frankenturd resin figure based on the artwork of Vaughn Bode. Each figure has 5 parts and stands just over 10” tall! The unpainted White resin kit is limited to 100 pieces and retails for $150 each, while the super limited Ghostly Glow Edition is limited to just 30 pieces, will glow for 12 hours and retails for $180. To order one or both Frankenturd resin figures, email Michael Waltz at nepenthes1@comcast.net.
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