Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sketracha Be@rbrick Artist Proof Sets by Sket One

Sketracha Be@rbrick Artist Proof 400% & 100% Vinyl Figure Sets by Sket One x Bait x Medicom x Huy Fong Foods

Last weekend The Blot finally got his hands on these fantastic San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Exclusive Sketracha Be@rbrick 400% and 100% vinyl figures by Sket One x Bait x Medicom x Huy Fong Foods, and they look even cooler in person than they do in pics!!! If you haven’t scored a set yet then head on over to Sket One’s online store where he has put up for sale his super rare Artist Proof Sketracha Be@rbrick Sets for $250. Limited to just 15 sets, these A/Ps come signed and numbered by Sket and include a set of custom chopsticks and a bowl of resin Sriracha, which the standard release did not includes. Awesome, right!?! How can you resist its red spicy goodness?
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