Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Cat with Dagger Vinyl Figure by Deth P Sun

Cat with Dagger Painted Edition Vinyl Figure by Deth P Sun & FOE Gallery

The Blot was thrilled to learn last week that Deth P Sun, one of my favorite artists, was entering the world of designer art toys! I’ve been in love with Deth’s amazing paintings for years, and am constantly amazed with his unique art style and ability to tell wonderful stories in single panels. Now not only can you hang Deth’s work on your walls, you can also add it to your toy shelf! This is because Deth has teamed up with FOE Gallery in Northhampton, MA to release the Cat with Dagger vinyl figure. This is an instant must get for sure!!!

Cat with Dagger Unpainted Edition Vinyl Figure by Deth P Sun & FOE Gallery

Cast in grey soft Japanese vinyl and featuring 3 points of articulation, Cat with Dagger is currently available for pre-order at the FOE Gallery online store! This 6” figure is not expected to ship until early 2016, but you can pre-order one now in two different editions, Unpainted ($50) and Painted ($65), which will feature white, black and silver sprays.

The pre-order is open now through October 19th and both editions will be made to order, so don’t sleep on this fantastic opportunity to add some Deth P Sun to your toy collection. And for the diehard fans, FOE is offering the super rare Cat with Dagger resin figure prototype. Only 5 of these have been created, including the one sent to the factory in Japan, and can be yours for just $130.
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