Tuesday, October 13, 2015

MondoCon 2 Report: Unbox Industries Booth with Lots of New Figures!

One of The Blot’s personal highlights of MondoCon 2015 was getting to meet Dan Willett of Unbox Industries and Texas’ own Retroband! Unbox Industries has been producing some amazing designer art toys the past few years, and have really been pushing the boundaries of what you can do with the medium of vinyl. I especially love how they are constantly looking for new and exciting artists to work with that you may not associate with the designer art toy scene. I only does Unbox Industries work with Mondo to produce many of their collectibles, but they’ve started working directly with many of Mondo’s acclaimed stable of artists.

If you were at MondoCon 2 last weekend then you know there was a lot of exciting talk going on about some of the upcoming designer vinyl figures on display at Unbox Industries and the artists they are currently working with. The hit of MondoCon seemed to be Gog by Rob Jones, which looked freaking incredible in person! I can’t believe all the detail they crammed into this figure. To me it really has an old school designer art toy figure from the scene’s gold age. Then there is the Weedian by Arik Roper, which is just a beautiful 3D rendering of Roper’s amazing artwork. These three figures look amazing and creepy as hell all at the same time!

The Blot was also super excited to in person Retroband’s new soft vinyl figure Meats!!! This hulking behemoth looks fantastic, and I love all the crazy wicked detailing Retroband put into this massive killer. Each figure will include two resin weapons, and I can’t wait to see what crazy accessories Retroband comes up with to include with the homicide Meats.

It was also cool to see John Kenn Mortensen’s Three Witches vinyl figures and Skinner’s Lolgolth Gnazgoroth in person. These toys are perfect examples of the type of groundbreaking work Unbox Industries is producing with a venerable who’s who of the art world. Look for more details on these exciting releases here on TheBlotSays.com very, very soon!

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