Friday, June 10, 2016

La Flamme Lapin Noir Resin Figure by Huck Gee

La Flamme Lapin Noir Custom The Blank Resin Figure by Huck Gee

Deep in the secretive burrows of the Lapin Noir headquarters, a spritely messenger runs in with details of an enemy warehouse full of supplies headed for the front line. He managed to get his hands on the cargo manifest and they're shipping out tomorrow!

Le Sabre, get out there and secure a perimeter. Bug, grab whoever's free and smuggle out what you can. We're gonna need to torch the rest. Someone find La Flamme and tell her to suit up, she's got a job to do!”

La Flamme Lapin Noir Custom The Blank Resin Figure by Huck Gee

Before the war, Alaina worked as "The Flamme Fatale", a renowned fire performer for Cirque De La Nuit. But times have changed and these days she's mostly known as the town mechanic. At night she helps the resistance, by day she repairs the local milk truck and does odd jobs and welds broken parts for the local farmers and factories. But more and more frequently, she's being forced to do repair work for the occupying Untz forces.... funny, how often those trucks and jeeps keep breaking down... must be that cheap steel they build everything out of.

The new La Flamme resin figure by Huck Gee is now available! Limited to just 10 pieces, La Flamme stands 9.5” tall, comes signed and numbered by the artists and retails for $850. Anyone interested in adding this fire juggling member of the resistance to your collection should email Huck ASAP at
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