Friday, June 10, 2016

Warcraft Bleacher Creatures Plush Figures

Warcraft Bleacher Creatures Plush Figures - Lothar, Durotan, Garona & Medivh

In celebration of the highly anticipated Warcraft movie hitting theaters today, Bleacher Creatures has launched an exciting line of Warcraft character plush figures, including the film’s stars Lothar, Durotan, Garona and Medivh. With the peaceful realm of Azeroth on the brink of war, Bleacher Creatures has stepped into the center of Warcraft’s epic battle of world-colliding conflict with a remarkably lifelike range of plush figures inspired by the upcoming Warcraft movie from Legendary and Universal Pictures.

Representing both the Horde and Alliance, these 10” collectibles capture the spirit of these mythic heroes in uncanny detail. Available characters include the heroic Anduin Lothar, mighty Durotan, fearsome Garona, and the powerful Guardian, Medivh. Bleacher Creatures’ Warcraft plush figures are available now on Collect all four and unite your side today!
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