Sunday, August 21, 2016

Four New Dunny T-Shirts by Kidrobot!

Over the past few weeks Kidrobot has been releasing some awesome new Dunny t-shirt designs. Personally, The Blot is really excited to see KR get back into clothing and apparel with these limited edition t-shirts based on their iconic designer vinyl figure platform. First up is the Rorschach Dunny t-shirt, which features a killer ink blot inspired design of Dunnys inside a Dunny. Then there’s the Emerging Dunny tee that’s clearly inspired by Joy Division’s iconic album cover to 1979’s Unknown Pleasures. The Rainbow Dunny shirt is a colorful take on the beloved platform, while the Chess Series Dunny t-shirt by Otto Bjornik features the King from Otto’s popular Shah Mat Chess Dunny Series!

All four Dunny t-shirts seen here are currently available at in men’s and women’s styles, sizes S-XXL, for $24.99 each.

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