Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Cometdebris ToyCon UK 2017 Exclusives!

Cometdebris ToyCon UK 2017 Exclusives - Clear Orange Kappa Shonen, Dark Pink Kappa Kid, Green Ace Robo & Red and Glow Marbled Tofu Kid

Koji Harmon of Cometdebris is heading to ToyCon UK 2017 this weekend, and he’s bringing with him some killer sofubi exclusives! There are four different Cometdebris ToyCon UK 2017 exclusives dropping at the two day convention taking place at York Hall in London: Clear Orange Kappa Shonen (£40), Dark Pink Kappa Kid (£25), Green Ace Robo (£40) and Red and Glow Marbled Tofu Kid (£25). All four of these figures are cast in soft Japanese vinyl and can be purchased at Cometdebris’ ToyCon booth #T6.
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