Friday, May 14, 2010

Wizard Tour Exclusive 2010 Mr. Gone Mallows by Shocker Toys

Shocker Toys’ second summer convention exclusive is a Mr. Gone Mallow. Mr. Gone is the primary villain in the popular Sam Kieth comic book The Maxx from Image Comics, and will look great next to everyone’s The Maxx Mallow vinyl figure…because you can’t have The Maxx without Mr. Gone, right?

Shocker Toys - Wizard Tour 2010 Exclusive Mr. Gone Mallows Vinyl Figure
The Mr. Gone Mallow is technically a Wizard Convention Tour 2010 exclusive (meaning it can be purchased at any of the 2010 Wizard Comic-Cons), but you can actually pre-order it at the Shocker Toys online store. Attendees of a Wizard Convention can pay $15 to pick it up at a Con or non-attendees can pay $20 to have the figure shipped to them directly.
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