Thursday, October 4, 2012

Resin is King Blind Box Series 2

Resin is King Blind Box Series 2 - Argonaut Resins, The Jelly Empire & Brian Ahlbeck

The Resin is King Series is back and better than ever! Tenacious Toys and Dead Hand Toys have teamed up once again to curate an incredible new “Resin is King” blind box series featuring 16 talented artists. For Resin is King Series 2, each artist was asked to develop a new sub-3" resin figure and submit 10 pieces to the series using that sculpt. That’s 160 figures in all!!! The Blot honestly never thought we’d see a resin series to this magnitude, and it just shows how far the medium has come.

Resin is King Blind Box Series 2 - UME Toys, Kris Dulfer, Bad Applez Inc. & Dave Bondi

Resin is King Series 2 includes works by Brian Ahlbeck (of Dead Hand Toys), Dave Bondi, Rich Page (of UME Toys), NEMO and OsirisOrion (of Bad Applez Inc.), Jay222, Motorbot, Matt A*, Argonaut Resins, Selina Briggs (of The Jelly Empire), Kilroy III, Kris Dulfer (of KiD iNK iNDUSTRiES), JC Rivera, Christopher Moore (of We Become Monsters), Vanessa Ramirez, Scott Kinnebrew (of Forces of Dorkness) and Tim Stephson.

Resin is King Blind Box Series 2 - Jay222, Tim Stephson, Kilroy III, Chris Moore & JC Rivera

Resin is King Blind Box Series 2 - Motorbot, Vanessa Ramirez & Scott Kinnebrew

This incredible resin series makes its debut at Kidrobot NY with a very special release party on Thursday, October 4th, from 6-8pm, where many of the artists involved will be on hand to sign and sketch. Each blind box will retail for $25, and collectors can also purchase a full case of Resin is King Series 2 blind boxes, which is guaranteed to contain 1 piece from each of the 16 artists, for $400 at the Tenacious Toys online store. But that’s not all! Be on the lookout for the series’ Golden Ticket, which can be redeemed for a one of a kind 8” Tuttz resin figure by Argonaut Resins!
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