Saturday, July 13, 2013

SDCC 13 Exclusive Deadbeets by Scott Tolleson, Nebulon5 & Leecifer

San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Exclusive Masters of the Universe Faker Deadbeet Vinyl Figure by Scott Tolleson & Nebulon 5

It’s hard to believe it’s only been a year since since Scott Tolleson’s Deadbeet first burst on the designer art toy scene at San Diego Comic-Con 2012. Since then the character with this 7.5” full size sofubi version and the 1.5” Baby Deadbeet PVC mini figure. For its one year anniversary Scott will be releasing 3 epic versions of his zombie vegetable as San Diego Comic-Con 2013 exclusives. First up is this awesome Masters of the Universe colorway based on the evil Faker, Skeletor’s blue skinned robot that was created to look just like He-Man. The Faker Deadbeet is limited to just 5 pieces and was painted by Nebulon5.

San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Exclusive Candy Apple Deadbeet by Leecifer & Frozen Meat Deadbeet by Scott Tolleson

The Candy Apple DeadBeet looks fantastic! Cast in crystal clear soft Japanese vinyl and painted by Leecifer, the San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Exclusive Candy Apple Deadbeet is limited to just 10 pieces. Last but not least is the Frozen Meat Deadbeet! This unpainted ‘beet is a swirl of red and blue soft Japanese vinyl and is limited to just 30 pieces. All three versions can be purchased directly from Scott at his SDCC booth #5139.
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