Friday, March 21, 2014

RSD 2014 Exclusive Off! x Obey Giant “Learn To Obey” 7” Single Vinyl Record

Record Store Day 2014 Exclusive Off! x Obey Giant “Learn To Obey” 7” Single Vinyl Record

The Blot can’t lie, I really don’t know anything about the hardcore punk band Off!, but this Record Store Day 2014 exclusive is pretty freaking cool! The band, comprised of Keith Morris, Dimitri Coats, Steven McDonald and Mario Rubalcaba, has teamed up with Shepard Fairey to release this Obey Giant inspired 7” vinyl single entitled “Learn To Obey”. Released by Vice, this 7” vinyl record features cover artwork designed by Fairey with two original tracks inspired by the art Shepard delivered. Fans can pick up this limited edition 7” single (limited to 2,000 pieces) at participating independent music stores on Record Store Day 2014 (aka April 18, 2014) for $8.99.

“Combining reckless improvisational energy with the combined skills of four deadly sharp musicians, OFF! have dug down through a decades’ worth of accumulated stylistic garbage, and rediscovered the stripped down core of noise, speed, and rock & roll that punk seemed to have lost forever. Since the bands inception, Raymond Pettibon has been the driving force behind their unforgettable aesthetic. For the first time in the bands career, they have enlisted the help of another staple in the art world, Shepard Fairey, who has created an original piece for their Record Store Day 7”.”
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