Friday, February 19, 2016

UnReal Estate: The Book Kickstarter Campaign by Tim Doyle & Nakatomi

UnReal Estate: The Book Kickstarter Campaign by Tim Doyle & Nakatomi

Nakatomi and Tim Doyle have launched a brand new Kickstarter campaign to crowd fund the production of their newest project, UnReal Estate: The Book! This deluxe, full-color 144 page hardcover book will include every single image from the first three years of Doyle’s super popular UnReal Estate screen print series, along with photos, sketches, and essays from artists like Josh Budich, Tracie Ching, Godmachine, and many more. Each print from Tim’s sold out gallery shows is presented full page (and some even double page spread) so readers can fully appreciate all of the amazing details Doyle includes in each design.

UnReal Estate: The Book by Tim Doyle & Nakatomi

The UnReal Estate: The Book by Tim Doyle will retail for $40-$50 in stores, but you can pre-order one now through the UnReal Estate Kickstarger page for just $35. If you’d like to increase your pledge, Doyle has come up with some awesome additional rewards for this project, including new editions of some sold out classics from the UnReal Estate series, along with the long teased Golden Girls screen print “Thank You For Being A Friend”, which will only be available through this KS project.

Golden Girls “Thank You For Being A Friend” Screen Print by Tim Doyle

Tim Doyle’s UnReal Estate: The Book Kickstarter Project is already 100% funded and met its very first stretch goal. So this means you will be guaranteed a copy of UnReal Estate: The Book, and if all goes according to plan the book will be published in just around six weeks from the end of the KS campaign. Fans can expect a new stretch goal to be announced sometime soon, so keep making those pledges!
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