Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Super Powers Screen Print by Tom Whalen

Sideshow Collectibles x Mondo Super Powers Screen Print by Tom Whalen

The Blot was in shock when I found out about this amazing screen print yesterday. I could not believe it took this long for me to find out about a freaking DC Comics Super Powers print! Kenner’s Super Powers Collection is my all time favorite toy line and it has now been immortalized as a killer print by the talented Tom Whalen. Evidently this print was originally released at Sideshow Collectibles’ San Diego Comic-Con 2011 party to coincide with their recently revealed DC license.

As a fellow lifelong comic book collector, Whalen took great care in making this print true to the classic 1980’s toy line and it shows. He even made to sure to include all 35 heroes and villains from the Super Powers Collection, including the two mail-away figures (The Riddler and Clark Kent). Seeing so many of my favorite DC Universe characters produced in Whalen’s signature style is a real treat! While I’m not the biggest Firestorm fan, his design really shines in Whalen’s two-tone aesthetic.

"Super Powers" by Tom Whalen is a 36”x24” 6 color screen print and was produced by Mondo. It has a limited edition run size of 250 pieces and can be purchased from the Sideshow Collectibles online store for $99.99 each.
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