Tuesday, September 16, 2014

DC Comics Announces This December Is Darwyn Cooke Variant Cover Month!

This December 2014, most of DC Comics’ releases will come with a limited edition Darwyn Cooke variant cover! The Blot is a huge fan of Cooke’s unique art style and his simplistic take on super hero comic books. It has that retro, old school vibe that just makes you happy! Even better still, these variant covers will be in a landscape format so you larger view of each cover.  These covers really harken back to the golden age of the DC Universe, a time The Blot can't get enough of.

Are these awesome or what!?! My favorite hands down is the Teen Titans cover featuring the team’s original ‘60s line up. Oh how I miss those simpler times. It’s too bad DC’s New 52 reboot didn’t do a better job reinventing the Titans franchise. I will say, the announcement of a Darwyn Cooke variant cover month just makes me angry that the new Booster Gold series hasn’t started yet. Oh how I’d love to see Darwyn draw a Booster cover!

The following DC Comics comic books will feature Darwyn Cooke variant covers throughout December 2014: Action Comics #37, Aquaman #37, Batgirl #37, Batman #37, Batman & Robin #37, Batman/Superman #17, Catwoman #37, Detective Comics #37, Flash #37, Harley Quinn #12, He-Man: The Eternity War #1, Grayson #4, Green Lantern #37, Green Lantern Corps #37, Justice League United #7, Justice League #37, Justice League Dark #37, Teen Titans #5, Sinestro #8, Supergirl #37, Superman #37, Superman/Wonder Woman #14 and Wonder Woman #37.

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